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As a lawyer, Mallory Caine considers it her duty to defend the innocent. As a flesh-eating zombie, she knows how to take a bite out of crime. So when a scared ten-year-old boy asks for her help - claiming that his mother wants to eat him - Mallory rises to the occasion. Unfortunately, the occasion is a Satanic ritual, the mum is a monster, and the boy is a sacrifice. Before you can say "The devil made me do it", Mallory is caught dead centre between a family of freaks, fire-breathing demons, and the final battle of good versus evil. If she doesn't have enough on her plate, the brain-chomping lawyer has to defend her zombie-hunting father in court. And, oh yeah: her flesh-eating secret is about to be exposed by a sexy LAPD detective who's good enough to eat. What's a zombie girl to do...?


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