Irish Jimmy Gallagher

Some time ago I purchased the Kindle edition of the Robert E. Howard Omnibus. Howard was one of the most prolific pulp writers of the 30s, best known for creating Conan the Barbarian. He wrote in several genres, including the Steve Costigan boxing stories.

I liked the style of these stories because I'm a boxing fan (old school, that is, from Jack Johnson to Muhammad Ali) so one day I found myself tapping out a first person narrated boxing story. I called my character Irish Jimmy Gallagher and set the story in 1955 Los Angeles. Pretty soon I had about 6000 words in a voice I really liked. That turned into the story “Iron Hands” and a series character.

"Vintage Los Angeles, '50s pulp fiction, it's both a complete tale … and an open door to more adventures with Jimmy Gallagher, the pugilist who throws punches with Irish wit and wisdom." - Reader review

The series will continue. Available exclusively for Kindle and Kindle apps.

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