Some People Are Dead

I'm primarily a novelist, but I also like thinking about how to live this life we've been given. So I spent a chunk of 2015 riffing on obituaries! Some famous people died last year. So did others not so famous. It doesn't matter, because I believe each life is a story, and if we look deeply enough they all have something to say.

In this book I weave my musings on the departed into a new form of essay, combining memoir and reflection, thoughts on how to live and how to die, with an occasional peek inside the mind of a writer.

And it's a book you don't have to read in one sitting! The entries are short, so it's perfect for when you're waiting in line for coffee, or at the doctor's, even the checkout line at the grocery store.

However, I advise against reading it in commuter traffic. But on lunch break at the office, perfect!

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